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This book originally published by the Abbott Magic Company in Colon, Michigan is a wealth of information for the performer who enjoys rope. The book presents knots, penetrations, cut and restored techniques, the Hindu rope Trick, and other miscellaneous rope tricks; over 137 rope trick in all! This softbound book is over an inch thick and contains over 400 pages of information. A wonderful book. Learn one trick and you've got the price of the book!

The magician displays three wooden blocks. A hole runs through the middle of each block and each block can be inserted down a wooden rod. The magician removes the top block (A) and places it inside an empty hat. Likewise he places B and C in the hat. After displaying the wooden rod, he replaces the blocks back onto the rod and covers same with a bright red wooden tube. When he lifts the tube, the middle block (B) has vanished and reappears inside the hat! This item is well made and should last a lifetime with normal use. Great for children's shows, prevention programs (you know, the ABC's of . . . whatever). A classic in magic.

The magician displays a sheet of newspaper and proceeds to fold it into quarters. He then takes a glass full of water and pours it into the folds of the newspaper. Of course the audience expects that the water will soak through the paper. Instead however, the paper is turned end over end and the water has apparently vanished! The magician even unfolds the paper, shows it on both sides, and the paper is as completely dry as it was in the beginning. The paper is refolded into quarters, and the liquid is now poured back out of the newspaper and into the glass. Not only has the liquid reappeared however, now the liquid has changed to the color red! This is a simple and easy-to-do effect that is entirely self-contained. It comes complete with a specially prepared newspaper and instructions.

The magician shows a wooden pole with three silk hanks hanging down and tied to it. Two of the hanks are the same color, and the third silk hank on one of the ends is a different color. The magician commands the off-color silk hank on the end to jump to the other end. When he passes the pole behind his back, the odd color hank has indeed jumped to the other end. Of course the effect can be repeated but the audience will continue to groan, because everyone (and especially the kids in the audience who tend to be a bit more vocal) know the magician is just revolving the pole 180 degrees when he passes it behind his back! Suddenly the odd color hank visibly jumps to the middle position! A classic "its fun to be fooled" magic trick.

The magician picks-up a bottle of liquid. He starts pouring the contents of the bottle into the glass. Suddenly he lets go of the glass and it is suspended in mid-air, the liquid contents of the bottle still flowing into the glass! The rigging of this Airborne Glass is the best that has ever been created. Glass included. Note that this is not an "up close" effect and is best presented at least ten to fifteen feet from the audience. It is ideal for the platform and stage worker.

These ungimmicked alphabet cards are great replacement for tricks with regular playing cards. Since letters are easy to remember, these cards are great for doing cards tricks for children.

This is one of the most amazing close up "illusions" to have appeared in recent times. In effect a playing card in a clear plastic sleeve instantly changes into a completely different card without any cover. The transformation is gradual, visual, and incredibly mysterious. The sleeve may also be used to produce or vanish a card. This is very beautiful magic and originally sold for around fifty dollars. 60nufdr00390

This beautiful American flag is made out of pure silk with hand-rolled hems, and is perfect for patriotic tricks and productions. Measures a whopping 36 x 54 inches! 0081nufgo01140

This 100% pure silk American flag is an excellent production item from your favorite production apparatus. Measures about 12 x 16." 006nufro01180

A spectator holds one sponge cube in his closed hand, the magician touches his hand with a coin and the coin multiplies to two. The spectator then holds the two, and another touch of the coin causes them to multiply to three. Finally the three cubes are plainly placed in the hand, "Would you believe there are four now?" asks the magician. He touches the hand with the coin and when he spectator opens his hand, he only has one but a larger one cut into the shape of a figure four. This is a simple, clean sponge routine that produces a great effect without any complicated moves or slights. 003nufgo00550
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