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Is that smoke coming from the controls on the television set? That elevator button looks a bit funny. Is this microphone on? The magician reaches over to touch and suddenly violent sparks leap out of the object and magician's fingers! This is the good Funkenring made of metal. It is a wind-up device that uses ordinary cigarette lighter flints. It is a lot of fun and will always cause them to jump! A number of China made Funken Rings have been on the market for years, but their quality has been questionable. This one is a bit more expensive, but is made in Germany by Voit and is an excellent product. 0571nufms01800

The magician displays what appears to be an ordinary book. He opens the cover of the book and fire bellows forth! Talk about a hot best seller that has some blazing reading . . . ! This hot book popularized by Paul Diamond features a sure-fire lighting mechanism. Not sold to minors. Uses ordinary cigarette lighter fluid available at any drug store.

This professional match pull enables the magician to reach up under his coat lapel or any other place where the gimmick is mounted and produce a lit match at his fingertips. This "never fail" mechanism by Bruce Chadwick provides a dependable and sure fire method for the magician to produce a lit match anytime during his act. The striker mechanism is replaceable and the device uses ordinary safety type matches. This is no doubt the best match gimmick available to the magician today.

The removes a match from a large matchbox. He strikes the match lit. When he blows the match out, the match suddenly turns into a flower! This is a very old, simply, and very effective magic trick that is often overlooked. It is instantaneous, surprising, and fun to perform. This is a great way to light a Fantasio Vanishing Candle. Comes complete with instructions. 004nuffi00960

The magician comes forward holding a blazing torch. Suddenly the torch changes to a full-length cane! This is the torch addition for the metal appearing cane. The torch is made entirely out of aluminum. It has a cotton cord type wick and is made to burn regular cigarette lighter fluid. Understand that this is the torch only for the Appearing Cane. Note also that only metal appearing canes should be used. 005nufud01000
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