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These are beautifully made plastic thimbles. With this set you can perform multiplying routines, vanishes, color changes, penetrations, and multicolored productions. These thimbles are specially designed of pairs of thimbles nested one inside the other. So not only can you perform the classic routines described in magic books, but you can also perform many new routines and sleights. The set contains four pairs of white thimbles and one pair each of bright red, yellow, blue, and green. Recommended! 027RUMTHIMBLESS_MUL

So you want to do the Miser's Dream effect where you pluck coins out of thin air but you haven't mastered the Down's Palm sleight-of-hand, or front and back palming? This is for you! This gimmick is the easiest coin catching device ever created. The gimmick fits over your thumb and will enable you to easily do the illusion of catching coins at your fingertips. And even if you do know the sleight-of-hand, you will enjoy having fun with this one in the mirror. It is really cool. Comes complete with one half dollar.

The magician picks up a bottle of bubble solution and blows a series of bubbles into the air. Magically he then reaches up and apparently plucks one of the bubbles at his fingertips! He puts the bubble away into his pocket, blows more bubbles, and then reaches up and plucks another bubble from the air and puts it away. This scenario can be repeated over and over. Comes with a bottle of bubble solution, a very special "bubble," and complete instructions. 056NUFMS02300
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