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This gimmick is used by magicians to hold objects under the skirt of their coats. By simply dropping his hand down naturally to his side, and positioning his body so that the holder is upstage (away) from the audience, the magician can secretly acquire cards, handkerchiefs, or other item in the palm of his hand.

This is probably the best beginner's magic set currently available on the magic market. The set contains over a dozen different close-up magic tricks. Most are made out of injection molded plastic rather than out of cardboard as per many other magic sets. Called the GREAT MAGICIANS MAGIC SET, this box of magic is made by our friends at Fun Inc. All of the effects are good quality. In fact, many of the items in the set we sell individually on this website. The set touts 80 magic tricks you can perform. The biggest asset of the set is the instructional DVD that comes with the set explaining how to do each effect. Great value for a great price, and an excellent beginner magic set for just about anyone. 0051nufro01270

This handy container of magician's wax is compounded with with several ingredients specifically for magic applications. It remains soft even in cold environments and is far superior to to regular paraffin type candle wax and regular bee's wax. It is the perfect wax for Hummer's Whirling Card, the UFO Card effect, Card on Ceiling, attaching Invisible Thread, making cards cling together, or other application in magic where quality pliable wax is required.

This professional match pull enables the magician to reach up under his coat lapel or any other place where the gimmick is mounted and produce a lit match at his fingertips. This "never fail" mechanism by Bruce Chadwick provides a dependable and sure fire method for the magician to produce a lit match anytime during his act. The striker mechanism is replaceable and the device uses ordinary safety type matches. This is no doubt the best match gimmick available to the magician today.

The Mirror Glass is a great utility prop that literally has endless uses. Productions, vanishes, transformations, and other effects can be performed with this glass. This model is deceptive even close-up and is truly a professional prop for the beginner or professional. Comes complete with a manuscript showing 25 great tricks that can be done with this versatile prop. 0621rumbcmirrorglass

Psychokinetic power is now possible with the ULTIMATE PK MAGIC RING Kit. Make objects move without touching them. Use the PK MAGIC RING to make the included PK MAGIC PEN come to life. Have the power to make a selected card rise out of a pile of cards. Even make a washer pass right thru a sealed bottle. Make objects disappear in thin air. The possibilities of the PK RING are limitless. The Ultimate PK MAGIC RING Kit Contains: Learning DVD with 7 Power Effects, PK Magic Ring (Silver), props to perform the washer in bottle effect, plus a free PK MAGIC PEN included with extra teaching on the DVD. A great kit for a great price! 0021MM0891or0892

The magician ties a silk handkerchief into a knot. Mysteriously the hank comes to life and slowly un-ties itself! The same handkerchief then mysteriously penetrates a rope, mic stand, or other stationary object! Reels have been around for years and they have been a standardard in every magician's repertoire. This is no doubt one of the finest reels available today.

Thirty years of research from Harry Robson and Lawrence Turner has led to the exact formula of what is now the ever popular Roughing Stick. Simply rub the against a playing card and it will quickly do the job of roughing fluid without fuss or bother. Cards stay together in roughed pairs and yet are more easily separated without fumbling. The stick leaves no residue and provides enough application to make at least 150 Invisible Decks! Also make your own packet tricks, Brainwave, Invisible Deck, and more! 0021RUMROUGHINGSTICKS

This wonderful gimmick will allow you to show both of your hands plainly empty and you will then be able to reach up into the air and pluck a sponge ball out of thin air! The gimmick can also be used to produce a small silk hank and you can do Dan Garrett's famous The Egg routine. A powerful production device! 573nufgo00670

So you need a good looking hand so that you can make your own Seance Cloth effect, or for use in any other illusion where a fake hand needs to be exposed? Here you go! Long off the market, this hand is made of thumbtip type vinyl rubber and quite realistic looking. Get this while you can! 0051MM3002
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