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A crystal tube is shown to the audience. Three different colored silk hanks are tucked into the tube. The magician holds the tube to his mouth and blows the hanks out of the tube. The hanks have tied themselves end-to-end! Easy to do magic. It will make you a pro! 007RUMCRYSTALTUBE

An ordinary piece of white typing paper is displayed to the audience. It is rolled up into a tube and a rubber band is placed around the tube to hold it in place. Next the magician takes a silk handkerchief and stuffs it down into the tube so that the ends of the handkerchief are exposed out both ends of the tube. Next the magician takes a pair of scissors and cuts the tube and silk handkerchief in half! The two halves of silk handkerchief and paper tubes are displayed, one in each hand. The two tubes are put back together and the fully restored silk handkerchief is pulled from the tubes! But what about the two tubes? Each is opened and they are completely empty. Comes with instructions, silk hank, and everything necessary to do the trick. The silk hank alone is worth the entire cost of the trick!

This one is just flat out fun to perform. The magician displays a silk handkerchief. Suddenly the hank become erect and then begins to shimmy to the left and right. Then it comes to life and dances in and around the performer's arms and hands! A great interlude during a performer's act. The dance looks good and always makes the audience do a double take! 056nufms00840

This heavy duty dinner napkin type hank will vanish small objects such as watches, coins, an egg, or other similar object. Use it to transform one object into another. Well made professional version. Not the cheap flexible fabric that shows napkin buldges. This is the best Devil's Hank on the market and is made right. You won't be disappointed. 576nufip01070

The magician shows a silk hank with a picture of a duck. Or is it a picture of a rabbit? The magician turns the hank around and sure enough, there is the rabbit! This famous optical illusion has been beautifully reproduced in four colors onto a large 18 silk hank. The vibrant colors make this a dynamite production item and a fun during any routine that requires a silk hank. 005NUFUD00700

This is the classic way of doing the color changing silk handkerchief routine. This quality "belly type" dye tube from our friends at Vernet is professionally made, flesh colored, and designed to last a lifetime. This size is designed to be used with 12" silk hanks.

The magician stuffs red, white and blue silk handkerchiefs into his fist. When he opens his hand, the handkerchiefs have transformed into an American Flag! Works like the Thumb Tip Blendo listed above and comes complete with everything needed to perform this unique effect. Each of the hanks are pure silk and the small silk hanks are 6" square. Good magic and really inexpensive for pure silk! 004MM0901

A bandanna handkerchief is spread out on the table. The four corners of the hank are folded inward. With the magician's fingers resting lightly on the handkerchief, the hank suddenly comes alive! It appears that something is growing and moving and radiating from under the hank! Suddenly the magician whisks the hank open and the ghost is gone! Definitely a Hilarious Haunted Hank! Also sometimes marketed as the Ghost Hanky. This is an incredible and spook trick! 053nuflo00050

An empty glass is placed on top of the beautifully painted metal stand. The glass is covered with a metal tube (supplied) or a handkerchief. Another handkerchief vanishes using the magician's favorite method. When the glass on the pedestal is uncovered, the missing hank is found in the glass! Many other effects are possible. Tricks with cards, coins, bills, sponge balls, sponge rabbits, eggs, dice, rope, etc. Comes with glass and complete instructions.

This is a very beautiful full-color square pure silk handkerchief. Produce it at your next birthday party to give an extra punch to congratulating the birthday child. Made out of quality chinese silk. 054NUFvf00690
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