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After demonstrating the ability of the chopper to chop a carrot in half, the magician entices a volunteer to place his or her hand through the hand hole of the apparatus. A second carrot is placed through the smaller hole. With a swooping downward motion, the blade magically passes through the volunteer's hand and yet cuts the carrot in half! Disecto is a classic in the field of magic. Invented by Lester Lake aka Marvello, this version features a chrome-looking blade and natural wood finish. It packs flat and is always great for a lot of laughs and comedic fun! 03rumdisector or 0052NUFud00900

This is the modernistic model of the famous Disecto effect that even Lester Lake would be proud to own.

This is an original Abbott's Dissecto that has been fully refurbished. It is in excellent working order and is a great effect for the amateur or working pro. Where new Abbott Dissectos go for $140 and more, this is an excellent value. Only one is available and we will remove this listing once it is sold.

A square sign with an arrow on it is shown to the audience. The sign is rotated to show that the other side has an arrow as well, both arrows pointing the same direction to the right. The sign is turned over again and the arrow now points up! Turn it over again and the arrow points left! Turn it over again and it points down! Lastly turn it over one last time and the arrows are now pointed to the right the same way they were when the trick first started! Last, the sign is unfolded (it folds like a book) and inside is a picture of a one way sign! Note that this trick can also be used as a gospel trick. The panels can unfold the opposite way to show a picture of the world and then unfolded yet another way to display the biblical text where Christ says, "I am the way, the truth and the life . . . ." A great trick for church audiences when the occasion arises, or do the trick for secular audiences without the Gospel application. Packs flat and is easy to do.

As performed by David Copperfield on the Tonight Show, the magician places his hand down on the floor. A spectator is invited to do the same. The magician is able to turn his hand all the way around in a circle, a full 360 degrees! Sound impossible? Even more-so for the spectator for they can barely turn their hand half-way around! This instructional DVD makes this incredible illusion easy to learn. A great trick that can be done anywhere, anytime!

This is a very old trick that probably is not available elsewhere. It is one of those mysterious by-play type effects that will add to almost any presentation. The magician borrows a spectator's hat, baseball cap, purse or similar object. He puts his finger inside and apparently pushes a hole right through the object! Certainly the audience can see the magician's finger poking out! The magician removes his finger and the object shows no harm and no hole!

Bill Paul's Fraidy Cat Rabbit has become a classic "sucker type" children's effect. A small wooden frame is opened to reveal a picture of a rabbit. The frame is closed and the kids are requested to shout the magic words. As the words are being shouted, the magician non-chalantly turns the frame around. When the door is opened, the rabbit has changed color! Repeat the shout and moves one more time and the rabbit has changed back to the original color! Kids are a bit more observant than that however and they immediately demand to see the back of the rabbit. After some by-play and hesitation on the part of the magician, when the rabbit is turned around it is the picture of the back of the rabbit! "I guess that's just the end!" says the magician.

Is that smoke coming from the controls on the television set? That elevator button looks a bit funny. Is this microphone on? The magician reaches over to touch and suddenly violent sparks leap out of the object and magician's fingers! This is the good Funkenring made of metal. It is a wind-up device that uses ordinary cigarette lighter flints. It is a lot of fun and will always cause them to jump! A number of China made Funken Rings have been on the market for years, but their quality has been questionable. This one is a bit more expensive, but is made in Germany by Voit and is an excellent product. 0571nufms01800

One of the most prolific children's playwrights of all time was Cleve Haubold. Most of us in magic knew him as Van Cleve and we will never forget his adorable rabbit Elwood. Van Cleve invented this unique effect called the Gag Bag. The magician displays a small cloth bag. Each time he turns the bag inside out however, the bag changes color! The bag can also be used as an egg bag and it is great for use as an ongoing gag throughout your show. Pick up the bag and mention that a ladies handbag was found in the parking lot. Turn it inside out to show the lining. Later in your show, pick up the bag and mention that a ladies handbag was found in the parking lot. Turn it inside out agan. Keep the by-play going and the trick gets funnier and funnier! 058NUFIP01080

This fun and entertaining comedy bit packs small and plays big! This dynamic comedy routine starts with a large drawing showing a deluxe burial arrangement, which the magician explains was offered to him by a funeral home. As the magician explains how each burial option proved to be over his budget, he folds the paper to produce smaller images that reveal "less expensive" burial options. Finally the magician makes the last fold and states that he finally found something within his budget, a garbage can! Silk screened on nearly indestructible Tyvek material, this is a perfect bit for an emcee or any comedy performer.
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