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The magician turns his back for a moment and asks a spectator to place a color spot die into a small plastic box. The spectator is asked to remember the color he puts on top. The box is capped closed with the lid and the box is then handed to the magician. Moments later the magician is able to determine the color! No, the magician can't see through the box and the box is completely ungimmicked and completely examinable. Also called Tel-A-Vision, this trick is easy to do and quite mystifying. 072nufry00680

This simple divination type mentalism trick is very puzzling. A spectator is requested to remember what number is on the die as he places it into a small plastic container and caps the lid shut. The magician takes the small container and puts it into a larger one and caps it shut. Still the magician can immediately announce the number on the die! A good beginner effect. 521nufro00200

The magician displays a deck of Bicycle brand playing cards. He places the deck on the table and asks a spectator to name any card, a free choice of any of the 52 cards. The stacked deck of cards is spread out, the chosen card is found, and is removed face-up from the deck. The remaining deck is then riffled with the backs toward the audience to show the color of the deck (red or blue). The spectator turns his selected card over and the back of his card is the opposite color! This is a brand new idea for doing the classic Brainwave trick. No rough and smooth principle is involved, no counting is required, and there is no sleight-of-hand to learn! This is a powerful and yet simple easy to do magic effect. It is an ideal trick for close-up and walk-around performance situations. It is a perfect mental trick. The effect automatically re-sets itself and there is no preparation to perform the trick again. Highly recommended.

Simply Psychic is the finest introduction to mental magic on DVD, from the art's finest practicioner - Ross Johnson. Imagine reaching inside someone's head and discovering his innermost thoughts. On Simply Psychic, Ross Johnson performs and explains impossible and explains the unexplained. The effects on Simply Psychic are as evocative and thought-provoking as they are entertaining -- no mere magic tricks. Best of all, they're aimed at the beginning mentalist, require few, if any special props. Ross' clear and concise teaching makes every effect easy to understand. Each explanation is peppered with carefully considered, professional advice, hints and tips - salient points that professionals will find invaluable. Watch Simply Psychic, learn the material and perform. It's that simple. On this DVD you will learn: - How to interrupt the thought and speech patterns of an entire audience - psychically! - To predict the outcome of future events, including the flip of a coin and the selection of a card! - What a spectator will do before even he knows! - And much, much more! Voted the top psychic entertainer in the world, Ross Johnson's uncanny abilities have taken him around the globe. With over 25 years as a professional mind reader, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Simply Psychic. He knows what you're thinking. 018NUFfi01450

13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda is produced in large print in this substantial tome. This Encyclopedia contains nearly 600 pages of must-have information on performing feats of Mentalism. 13 Steps to Mentalism teaches you step-by-step instruction through text and illustration.

BONUS: You will receive an additional twelve fascinating chapters detailing the lives of Mind Readers and Psychics past and present. Max Maven, Eugene Burger, Ted Annemann, Dr. Jaks, and many, many more.

Topics Include: Swami Gimmick, Pencil, Lip, Sound, Mnemonics and Mental Systems, Predictions, Blindfold and X-Ray Eyes, Billets Introduction, Book Tests, Two-Person Telepathy, Mediumistic Stunts, Card Tricks, The Question and Answer Act, Publicity Stunts, Patter and Presentation Hardcover Large Print Profusely Illustrated with photographs and drawings Two publications in one book! One great price! A classic that belongs in every Mentalist's

Not only do you get a regulation 25 card deck ( 5 cards of each symbol; the plus, square, circle, star, and wavy lines) of the famous J. B. Rhine ESP cards, you also get a book of tricks written by Patrick Page and Ken deCourcy (edited by John Moehring, former editor of MAGIC magazine). Also the cards are secretly marked on the back and therefore the ways to use these cards are endless! Perform apparent feats of mind reading, telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition. Well made and a great value! Also known as Entertaining ESP. 006NUFro01150

Up to five keys are introduced. One key is demonstrated to open and close a regulation Master padlock. The other four keys however fail to open the lock. All the keys are placed into a glass and mixed thoroughly. Four spectators each reach into the glass and each person removes one key. Each spectator tries to open the lock, but the lock fails to open. The magician takes the last key and opens the lock!

Use this great gimmicked padlock to perform The Keys of Judah and the Seven Keys To Baldpate effects. Take a hundred dollar bill and punch a hole in the end. Insert the padlock through the hole and then lock it. Whichever spectator has the key that opens the lock wins the money. Of course it is the magician who wins the game!

Made from a real heavy duty Master brand padlock so that the classic Key-R-Rect effect can be performed, this is a great item for both comedy and mentalism. Note that this is not the original model of the Key-R-Rect effect that was marketed by the late Carl Wolf of Merriss Magic and has been off the magic market for many years P1639KAM42

These gimmicks will make the world of parakinesis come to life for you! Parakinesis (also sometimes referred to as "mind over matter") is the apparent ability to move or otherwise control objects by the power of the mind or will. Make a deck of cards magically cut themselves to reveal a spectator's card. Cause a fork to animate and move seemingly with only the power of one's mind. New Generation Loops by Yigal Mesika comes as a set of eight loops per package. 006RUMLOOPSNEWGEN

The performer predicts a card by removing it from a red deck and placing it in plain view of the audience. The spectator, seated behind the performer, now must select a card from an entirely different deck - hopefully matching the prediction card. The audience can see that the second deck where the spectator must select their card consists of 52 duplicates of the prediction card which has been in full view. The spectator is now invited to call "stop" as the magician moves the cards one at a time from the top to the bottom of the deck. On the word "stop," that card is given to the spectator. The audience is laughing since they can see the prediction and that all the cards in the second deck were the same as the prediction. The spectator calls out the name of the card which they selected and the audience is shocked to hear that the selected card is NOT the same as the prediction! The performer picks up the predicted card and places it beside the chosen card. Magically, when the two cards are turned over they are exact duplicates! This deck is a complete mystery that is a reputation maker for any performer. 007nufha00405

Three cards are removed from a small envelope. Each card has a different colored dot. A small wooden smiley disk is placed on top of the card and color of a spectator's choice. The magician then reveals a prediction that matches the chosen color! This effect is simple and easy to do, and is a classic effect in the field of mentalism.
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