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This is the "big brother" as compared to the ITR listed below. A full 4-1/2" in length, this extra long size allows much greater extension of thread. It is designed to be mounted under the lip of a table, inside some object on such as a vase, or other attach point where the thread goes from the reel to attaching to the shirt button of the performer with the included wax.

The ITR's hit magic with full force in recent years! There are now an array of them on the market, some made well and some, well, not so well made! We carry a model that works well and dispenses and retracts "invisible thread" with ease. It also comes with the all important alligator type clip that makes it easy to attach and un-attach to your lapel, shirt pocket, and so forth. Learn how to do an array of different tricks such as the floating dollar bill, floating rose, and many others. The reel is only 2-1/2" long and has a thread span of about 50 inches. An excellent value. 056MM0634

The Levitator gimmick is a simple device that allows the magician to float lightweight objects between his hands such as CD's, glasses, dishes, light bulbs, etc. Imagine borrowing any CD and the magician making it float between his hands. The magician can walk into any bar, pick up a glass, float it, return it to the table, and everything can be examined. This specially made gimmick can be put on in seconds by simply reaching into one's pocket. 522nufro00740

The magician displays what appears to be an ordinary silk handkerchief. Suddenly the hank becomes alive and dances around and about the performers arms and body! A simple interlude that is fun to performing and astonishing to watch. Comes complete with everything needed for the performance. And it the words of the famous Bob Litte, "Wild, man wild!" 056nufms00840

Show an ordinary corked test tube, inside visibly rests a small silver rod. You cause the rod to bob & float in the inside vial! Then the rod actually pushes the cork up out of the tube! It hops out of the vial to the magician's hand and it proceeds to wiggle around. Now it actually floats up into the air, hopping right around in space between the hands. It bobs around, it flies from one hand to the other. A ring can EASILY be passed over the rod while it is in mid-air! 005nufud01440

Joe Carson's famous Zombie Ball trick is definitely one of the classic effects in magic. Dozens of professional magicians either perform or have performed the Zombie Ball routine. The effect is simple. Resting on a small pedestal is a beautifully polished aluminum ball. The magician covers the ball with a large cloth and then suddenly the ball comes to life moving up, under, and finally above the cloth! It is a very spooky and mysterious effect. Comes with the ball, pedestal, cloth, and gimmick. This is the standard 4-1/2" size, is beautifully made and recommended. 0012nufmo00010

NOTE: We have been informed that Morrissey Proucts has gone out of business. This classic Zombie Ball that has been available for many years has been discontinued. We only have a couple of these tricks still in stock. Please inquire before ordering.

Written by Merlyn T. Shute and published by Morrissey Magic Limited (manufacturers of the Zombe Ball)has produced this wonderful book on the Zombie Ball. Included is information on basic floating techniques, gimmick modifications, ideas for the cloth, preparations, opening and simple moves, instructions on how to make the ball float around and about the body and arm, and information on creating a routine including music, structure, and placement. A great book for a great trick! 524nufmb00010

Perform the classic Zombie routine more mysteriously with this floating skull! The skull floats whenever the magician wants it to as per the traditional Zombie effect. Erie and mysterious, this outfit comes with skull, gimmick, and complete instructions. Use your own cloth or covering. A Joe Karson idea.
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