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Two spectators are asked to examine a 15-foot length of rope. They are then asked to hold the rope like a jump rope, one spectator at each end. The magician cleanly selects a spot near one end of the rope and slices the rope apart with a large knife. The cut ends are then tied together. The performer then magically slides the knot down the length of the rope almost to the other! The magician then unties the knot and leaves the spectators holding two uneven lengths of rope! Knot Unexpected is an excellent effect and not difficult to perform. The effect comes complete with the a special knife, fifty foot hank of rope (enough for many performances), and complete instructions.

This was a feature of Dante in his full-evening show. Two cords are held outstretched between two assistants (can be volunteers from the audience). The cords are each knotted onto a magician's magic wand. Next a series of handkerchiefs and rings are tied onto the ropes. To make sure they don't come off, one end of each rope is tied with an overhand knot. The magician pulls his wand from the ropes and at his command the handkerchiefs and rings magically melt right through the ropes! This is a great version of the old Grandmother's necklace principle. Simple, easy-to-do, and visual enough for a large audience to see, the set comes complete with all necessary ropes, rings, hanks, wand and full instructions.

E. J. Moore's famous Linking Ropes effect is a classic of magic. The magician ties three pieces of rope into individual loops. He is then able to link and unlink the ropes into a chain! We sell the European thick velvet smooth white ropes, much superior than poorly made imports. If you want to do Linking Ropes, buy this set. You won't be disappointed! 21nuffi00840

The magician takes an ordinary piece of rope, folds it up, and apparently cuts it into many pieces. Then he throws the rope into the air and catches it only to find the rope restored in one piece. The rope can be immediately thrown out for examination. Invented by Harlan Tarbell, this trick first came onto the market in 1936! Use any scissors and white cotton cord or magician's rope. Full instructions.

EFFECT: A piece of rope is displayed. It is doubled-up into the hand. The magician reaches up into his hand and produces a third end of the rope! As if this isn't enough, he reaches up into his hand once again and produces a fourth end of rope! Or is it two pieces of rope? The ropes suddenly become one single piece of rope again. A simple overhand knot is then tied into the middle of the rope and "boom," the rope now has five knots tied in its length!

The Panama Rope Trick is a classic effect in the field of rope magic and was invented by Ted Collins shortly after WWII. The magician displays an ordinary length of rope and a pair of scissors. He cuts the rope in half and then ties it back together again. Next he ties two loops, one on each of the rope. He then cuts the loops apart producing one rope tied together in three different places. He coils the rope up around his hand and when uncoiled, the rope is completely restored! Our manuscript will give you detailed handling on the proper way to cut and restore a rope as well as variations on how to handle the loops. Comes with a 50 foot hank of magician's rope, enough for dozens of performances!

A hank of three ropes are displayed. One rope is red, one is white, and the other is blue, thus the title Patriotic Ropes. The ropes are tied end-to-end and then are wrapped around the magician's hand. When unwrapped, the ropes have dissolved into one long rope, one-third red, one-white blue, and one-third blue!

As you are performing, you suddenly notice a piece of rope hanging out of your left coat sleeve. You start pulling the rope out of your sleeve until there is a large coil of rope on the floor. Suddenly the rope seems to get stuck. You now notice an end of rope hanging our of your left pants leg! You begin pulling this end of the rope and the pile of rope on the floor now begins to go back up your sleeve as you pull it out your left pants leg. When the last bit of rope on the floor finally goes up the left sleeve and out of sight, the rope you are pulling out your pants leg seems to get stuck again! Now you notice an end of rope coming out your right pants leg! You begin pulling this end of the rope. Once again the rope pile goes back up off the floor and up you left pants leg as you pull it out of the right pants leg. When the last bit of rope finally goes up your left pants leg and out of sight, once again the rope seems to get stuck! You give it one final yank and out comes your boxer shorts tied to the end of the rope! This classic of magic comes with the necessary rope, boxer shorts, and complete instructions. A great trick with built in comedy that will always make your audience laugh! 0011nufip00520

Three different lengths of rope are displayed. The ropes are then apparently stretched into three equal pieces! The ropes can be counted to verify their equal lengths. Suddenly the ropes become unequal again, one short, one medium, and one long. Comes complete with beautifully made thick ropes that can be seen by the largest audiences, and illustrated instructions. A classic effect in magic.

This is the new extremely flexible white cotton cord rope from the BTC that is used by Michael Finney and many others. Use this rope for the classic cut and restored rope routines or for any routine where soft pliable rope is needed. The cotton core can be removed if desired. Twenty-five feet in length and about 1/2" in diameter. Comes complete with illustrated instructions written by Bruce Chadwick on how to do a basic cut and restored rope effect, well worth the entire price without the rope!
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