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The magician displays a tri-folded restaurant menu. He displays the menu on both sides, folds it into a triangle, and then reaches inside and produces a burger, fries, or even a bottle of Coke! This beautiful rendition of the classic Temple Screen trick provides a full-color menu that packs flat and yet is large and visible in appearance. Sorry, no hamburger or fries included. We suggest McDonalds.

This nicely built wooden box is hinged open to show it empty. It is then closed and a couple of silk handkerchiefs are then magically produced out of the top of the box. Or the box can be used as a vanish. Push one or two hanks into the box, give it a magical gesture, and the hanks are gone! You can also use this apparatus in a similar way a drumhead tube is used. Show the box empty. Put a couple of pieces of tissue paper over each end, holding each in place with a rubberband, break through one end of the "drum," and make your production! The box measures about 2-3/4" square and about 5-1/2" tall. 0021MM0321

A beautifully painted tube is shown all around. It is then hinged open as per the illustration to show that it is completely empty. The tube is closed and a large production of silk handkerchiefs commences. This tube is extremely well made, very deceptive, and works well even at close quarters.

This is a very well-built piece of magic that is made by the Illusion Warehouse. The box is opened as per the illustration and the audience can easily see that it is empty. The box is closed and the production of silk handkerchiefs, mouth coils, and other items are produced out of the top of the box. Our Gung Ho features 3/8" Finland birch luan with formica type laminate finish. The sides of each box are black and the outermost of each door is a natural wood grain.

This dynamic production effect was created by the late Jack Gwynne. Gwynne used it in his vaudeville act for many years because of the effect's mobility and the fact that it can be performed almost surrounded.

The audience sees a three fold screen. Sitting on top of the screen is a tray. The magician proceeds to assemble a box on top of the tray by hinging up the back, two sides, the front, and finishing the cabinet by placing on the top. The magician then lifts the tray and box up off the screen and shows the rear of the screen. The box is placed back down on top of the screen. The magician then opens the box top door, and proceeds to produce a huge load of silk hanks, livestock, and or other production items.

This beautifully built piece of apparatus features 3/8" birch luan and formica type laminate finish. It is a first-class prop through and through, and proudly made by Chadwick Illusion Fabrications on a custom-built basis.

The front door of this ornate wooden cabinet is opened and the audience can clearly see that it is entirely empty. The magician closes the front door and gives it a magic moment. He then opens the top door and a tremendous load of silk hanks or anything else half the size of the box is produced! The box can also be made to vanish items or change one for another. This is a very well made piece of utility apparatus at an unheard of price. 0551MM2503GREEN

Exactly like the Production Box Mandarin Green listed above, except this one is red in color. 0551MM2503RED

The magician reaches into his favorite production apparatus and produces a bright shiny polished aluminum alarm clock! A second clock is then produced. Then a third, forth, until six clocks are produced! This is not a trick in itself, but rather a wonderful production item. Thanks to the fact that each clock is hollow and each nests within the other, very little room is taken up in your production apparatus. Nicely made.

A beautifully polished metal tube is shown empty. Each end of the tube can be capped-off with paper if you like. The paper is broken open and a large amount of silk handkerchiefs are produced! The phantom tube principle is a very old secret in magic that is very deceptive. This tube will allow you to produce several twelve inch silk handkerchiefs. This is excellent magic for the beginner or professional.

The magician displays a large box. He opens the front door of the box to show the prop completely empty. He closes the front door and then after a magical moment opens the top door and produces a rabbit, stuffed animal, or huge load of silk hanks, flowers, or any other production items about half the size of the box! This beautifully made prop is painted with a glossy lacquer finish and is made with quality luan and Duron materials. It is well-made and with proper care should last indefinitely. The box measures 13.7 x 9.38 x 9.75 inches. Use your own rabbit and other production items please! 0074MM2510
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