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The Magician displays a cabinet with doors on the front and back. He hinges the doors upward and then inserts a sword horizontally through the cabinet. He closes the doors momentarily and when he reopens them, up to four doves have magically appeared on the flat blade of the sword! This beautiful prop features the finest luan and Formica type laminate finish. This custom built prop can be made to fit your color scheme and design motif. The prop featured was built for Army veteran Jason Morel. Designed and built by Chadwick Illusion Fabrications. Note that this item does not qualify for free shipping, but it can be shipped to most destinations via regular UPS service.

The magician displays a wooden bucket. He opens the lid and displays it to be empty. The magician can even grab a volunteer's hand and help him feel around inside the bucket to further prove its emptiness. The lid of the bucket is closed, and a moment later the bucket is filled with a rabbit, small duck, other livestock, or anything else that will fit the load chamber. This is a great effect to incorporate as part of a transposition routine. The animal disappears from some other apparatus and appears in the bucket. The bucket is about a foot tall and about a foot wide, and is made from fine luan. This product is made to last. Built by Chadwick Illusion Fabrications.

The magician places any object into the beautifully hand-crafted box. The box is spun on the fingers as per the illustration. When it opens, the object has disappeared! This well-built vanish apparatus is made of the finest MDO luan and is finished with formica. This is a collector's item made by Chadwick Illusion Fabrications. Only 24 were made and we have less than ten still in stock.

Take a close look at the photo. The birds in the picture are not real. They are Nielsen's famous latex doves! These realistic rubber doves are usable in a variety of ways, limited only by the imagination of the magician. Nielsen Living Latex Doves crush small, assume their shape quickly, and can even be manipulated to act real if needed. Here are a few of their features. The latex is dyed pure white, not just painted. The latex is fully washable and will always look good, and their thin walled latex makes for good compression. Each dove is hand detailed with glass eyes that give them a very realistic look. Sure there are less expensive versions of the rubber dove on the market, but none compares to this one. It is simply the best. We can go Lupe over this one!

The magician displays a cloth bag. He places some silk hanks into the bag, dramatically rips it apart, and out flies a dove. Or vice-versa, the magician places a dove into a bag, rips the bag open and it changes to a white silk hank! instead of a dove, the magician can change one object for another, such as producing a bouquet of spring flows or any other flat-like object. The bag is very well made and will last a lifetime.

A dove or other object to be vanished is placed into a newspaper covered chest. In rapid succession the chest is taken apart and each side is busted over the magician's or assistant's arm to prove its emptiness. The dove has completely vanished! Made of Baltic or Finland luan, this version of this effect features the Abbott Magic Company method for applying new newspaper panels to make set-up quick and easy!
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