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The magician pushes a handkerchief into his hand. When he opens his hand, the hank has turned into an egg! Telling the audience he will teach them how the trick works, the magician shows the audience that the egg is fake and has a hole in its side. He then withdraws the hank from the egg through the hole. The magician goes through an explanation how the trick works, but in the end the audience is mystified ever more when the magician breaks the egg into a glass to show that it is now a real egg! This fake egg is made by Vernet and comes complete with a fake yoke so that you won't have to use real egg parts! 084nufve00040

This fake egg is perfect for Egg Bag routines or for any routine where a realistic looking fake egg is needed. If this egg is in an egg carton with real eggs, you probably won't be able to pick out the fake egg! Their texture, color, size, and shape are virtually perfect. Made of thick ceramic material, these eggs are very hard to break.
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