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A small sheet of rubber about five inches square is displayed. On the sheet of rubber are two coins, a dime and penny. The dime is chosen and the penny is removed. The sheet of rubber with the dime is then placed over a glass as per the illustration. The spectator is invited to push down on the dime with his finger. Instantly the dime mystically penetrates through the rubber sheet! The dime and rubber sheet can be thoroughly examined and no, the rubber sheet does not have a hole in it. Comes with extra sheets of rubber to give you many performances. 571FOLlf-0062

The Coin Tray is a utility prop that has many uses. For a basic routine 10 coins are counted onto the small gray enameled tray. Three of them are removed and the remaining coins are poured into a volunteer's hands. The three coins are vanished by your favorite method. When the volunteer counts the coins out of his hands and back onto the tray, all 10 coins are found! 0561nufmo00780

A beautiful hardwood stand with four half dollar coins resting on it is introduced. Also a beautiful hard maple base with a small shot glass with another glass inverted over it is displayed. The glasses and base are covered with a handkerchief. One by one the first three coins on the stand are removed and vanished toward the glass. Each time an audible clang is heard inside the glasses.. Each time the hank is removed and a coin has appeared inside the shot glass despite being covered by the inverted glass. For the last fourth coin, the glasses are not covered. The last coin is removed from the stand and toss vanished toward the glasses. This time the coin visibly appears inside the glasses! This is the beautiful deluxe version of the Copentro effect. It is incredible magic that is a wonder to perform. With the demise of Hank Lee Magic Factory who we understand owns the rights to this effect, we have only one in stock and can't get anymore! If you don't buy it now, you will regret it later. 521nufhl00070

The magician shows a half dollar in one of this hands and an English penny in his other hand. His hands are closed. When they are reopened, the coins have changed places! The trick is repeated and again the coins trade places. Of course the audience suspects that coins are copper English penny on one side and silver half dollar on the other. Both coins are placed in the same hand and both hands are closed. When reopened, the half dollar has vanished and is now in the other hand! Both coins can then be handed-out for thorough examination and no, the coins are not copper on one side and silver on the other! Made by Johnson Products. Note: You can also do the Scotch and Soda effect with this set!

This is a comical way of collecting money. The magician drops a borrowed bill into the top of the Counterfeit Detector. In reality the device is like a paper shredder and the poor spectator watches as his bill is visibly shred! The sounds that emit from the detector are wonderful! Of course the borrowed cash is unharmed, and can easily be reclaimed from the back of this novelty bank. Batteries included. Available only for US currency. 0531NOFip01350

Two half dollars, a quarter, and a dime are placed in the magician's hand one at a time. One of the half dollars is removed. With a squeeze of his hand, the three coins in the magician's hand mysteriously melt away! The remaining half-dollar can be thoroughly examined and then vanished by the magician using sleight-of-hand or other method. Made by Johnson Products.

Beautifully made and indetectable, flip the coin and heads always wins! Need we say more? 002NUFFI01190

Learn the basics of coin magic that you can perform anywhere and anytime. This comprehensive and yet very inexpensive DVD will teach you holds, grips, palms, utilities, productions, vanishes, routines, and more. Most of the fundamental moves in coin magic are clearly explained. In addition, the video explains classic effects such as Coins Across, Coins through Table, The Matrix, Coin Assemblies, Spellbound, and more. This comprehensive course contains more than 50 effects and routines you can use to stun any audience! 007MM6303

One of the most deceptive devices in every magician's repertoire has always been the expanded shell coin. In the right hands, miracles can take place with this ingenious piece of apparatus. Johnson Products pioneered the expanded shell made from sandwich coins. Their shells have passed through many stages of development, each one better than the last. The Johnson shell we are now offering is unequaled anywhere in the world. To be able to borrow ordinary coins and perform impossibilities with them is every magician's dream. Expanded shells make this and more possible. These shell coins will fit over any coin of equal denomination. Dozens of effects are possible with this basic magician's tool. We include a coins through the table routine with each shell. Easy to follow routine included.

The magician reaches into his pocket and removes his wallet. He opens the wallet and flame burst forth! He closes the wallet to put out the flames. When he opens the wallet, it is filled with dollar bills! This is truly a startling effect. The wallet is a standard bi-fold hip type wallet that is made of soft black leather. Not sold to minors. Buyer and user beware! This item uses real fire and ordinary cigarette lighter fluid from your local drug store. 0071FOLAH-0001
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