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The magician displays two white and black loops of chain. He loops the chains together with the black one hanging around his wrist and the white one hanging from the black chain. The top black chain represents spiritual darkness, the spiritual condition of man in his sin. Sin of course is properly defined as "missing the mark." The bottom white chain represents spiritual light and the eternal salvation God offers through trust and faith in Jesus. The magician grabs the top chain and pulls downward. Instantaneously the chains magically switch places! By putting our faith and trust in Christ, our sin problem is eradicated so that we may have eternal life! This is an excellent and effective method of sharing how Jesus paid the price for man's sin.

A square sign with an arrow on it is shown to the audience. The sign is rotated to show that the other side has an arrow as well, both arrows pointing the same direction to the right. The sign is turned over again and the arrow now points up! Turn it over again and the arrow points left! Turn it over again and it points down! Lastly turn it over one last time and the arrows are now pointed to the right the same way they were when the trick first started! Last, the sign is unfolded (it folds like a book) and inside is a picture of a one way sign! Note that this trick can also be used as a gospel trick. The panels can unfold the opposite way to show a picture of the world and then unfolded yet another way to display the biblical text where Christ says, "I am the way, the truth and the life . . . ." A great trick for church audiences when the occasion arises, or do the trick for secular audiences without the Gospel application. Packs flat and is easy to do. 0231LAH

There is no end to the stories you can tell about a broken heart. The performer shows a large tissue paper red heart. It is then torn into small pieces and the pieces are then crumbled or folded together. When unfolded, the heart is magically restored! This effect lends itself to all sorts of Gospel presentations. Enough hearts for over a dozen performances. 045LAH

The color blue relates to royalty and the majesty of God. Two blue 18" silk handkerchiefs are displayed. One hank represents God and the other hank represents man made in the image of God. The two blue eighteen-inch silk handkerchiefs are tied together to represent the kind of relationship that God originally had in mind for man; a relationship based upon trust, dependence, and obedience. However due to man's sinfulness, the bond was broken. Suddenly the knot holding the blue silk handkerchiefs melts away separating the two hanks. The hanks are retied together and are then stuffed into any ordinary drinking glass. The performer then introduces a multi-colored silk hank to represent Christ. This hank is then made to vanish, a fact that Christ was crucified on the cross, placed into a tomb, and on the third day rose again! Christ came out of the tomb, the victor over the power of sin for the entire world. The two blue hanks are whipped out of the glass and tied between them is the missing hank! As I Timothy 2:5 says, "For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus, . . . ." It is through faith in Christ that our relationship with the Father is restored to its previous glory. This outfit comes complete with silk hanks and complete instructions. Use your favorite method for making the blue hank disappear such as the Silk Cabby or Change Bag listed under the Silk Hanks section of this website.
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