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The magician displays a magician's magic wand complete with standard white tips. Holding the wand between his two hands, it suddenly and instantaneously transforms into a silk handkerchief! The wand can also be made to turn into a shower of confetti! This is startling flash magic from the manufacturers at Fantasio products. The wand is made from the same resilient plastic material as the Fantasio canes and candles, is very well made and works on the same principle.

This trick was off the market for a long time but it is still a great effect! The magic wand clings to the performer's fingers as if it were magnetic. A glass of liquid next becomes suspended from the wand, the wand itself suspended from the fingers! A neat interlude type trick for any liquid routine.

A black magic wand with white tips instantaneously changes to a white magic wand with black tips! The change can occur back and forth a couple of times. Suddenly the wand changes to a striped black-white-black-white-black-white wand!

Have your volunteer wave the magic wand over a prop and it wags back and forth in a sad limp position! Made out of a door spring with a painted black middle and white tips, this wand is hilarious to see waved through the air!
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