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The magician displays a 15-inch specially made spiral disk, the kind a hypnotist might use. The spiral is spun and the magician instructs the audience to stare at the spiral and not look away. The magician counts backwards from 10 to 1, and when you reach one, he tells the audience to look at his nose. To the audience's amazement, the magician's head looks like it is growing, similar to a balloon being inflated! Next the magician spins the disk the other way, turn and look at someone sitting next to them in the audience, and their head appears to shrink! The trick can be done in the living room or on the largest stage. It is one of the most amazing pieces of psychological and physiological magic that has ever been discovered.

This classic in magic features a very well made wooden stock, realistic looking sword and sheath for the sword. The magician gets an unsuspecting volunteer from the audience and displays a wooden stock. Next he proceeds to pull the sword from the sheath and show how the stock acts to guide the sword through the stock. Next the magician places the stock portion around the volunteer's neck and proceeds to push the sword through the stock and seemingly right through the spectators neck! The audience can clearly see the chrome tip of the sword portruding out of the stock! The procedure is reversed and the spectator is none-the-less for their harrowing experience! This is a very well made prop at a very economical price. The sword is made correctly and pushing it through the stock is done without hesitation and with ease. And for those of you "in the know," there is no Scotch tape holding the sword together! Humm. 0004nufud01430

A box of crayons is displayed. Cover the crayons with a handkerchief momentarily, whip it away and the crayons disappear! 003MM0333
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