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This is an incredible one-man floating ball effect. The magician can make a large metal ball float effortlessly in and around the cloth handkerchief. Unlike the classic Joe Karson Zombie effect, the control is entirely different and the ball can float in front of the handkerchief at the performer's will! The glittering ball diameter floats in all directions without any visible means of support. The cloth is sheer and almost transparent. Supplied complete with everything needed including instructions.

Bob Hummer's Whirling Card has become one of the most popular magic tricks of the last 10 years. Imagine having a card selected from any deck and tossing it into the air. Instead of fluttering to the ground, the card spins from one hand to the other! With another toss, the card hovers between the magician's hands, spinning like a flying saucer. A wide variety of arial acrobatics are possible with this flying card. Finally, for a fantastic finale, the card spins around the magician's body entirely. It is then replaced in the deck, which can be handed out for examination. Also called the UFO Whirling Card, Hummingbird Card, and other names, the trick is the same. It is as much fun to perform as it is to watch. 005nufms02210

Just like the Dancing Cane, this beautiful milar wand dances around the air and floats in and around the performer's hands. Approximately 13 1/8" long x 5/16" in diameter, this wand comes complete with invisible thread.

This illusion has been featured by many famous magicians, most notable Okito. This modern version of the effect features a beautifully finished ball made of durable plastic material. This large ball can be seen in the largest auditoriums. The ball floats seemingly under its own power around the stage and at the performer's command. Be aware that his effect requires stage distances, offstage assistant for its traditional presentation, special rigging and attention to background scenery and light. Comes with the ball and detailed instructions. This is a beautiful illusion when performed in the right environment. NOTE: This item is periodically unavailable from our supplier. Please inquire before ordering.

In the tradition of the Blackstone, we are proud to introduce our version of the classic floating light bulb. Not only does the bulb mysteriously light without any apparent electrical connections, but it can float around the performer and even out into the audience! While not for every performing venue, our outfit comes with one atomic lamp, special socket, and directions on various ways to rig the set-up. Note that this effect is best performed with theatrical lighting and distance from the audience. Various methods of rigging are presented including one-man performance moves as well as those that require offstage assistance. This trick was originally innovated by Burling Hull.

Two cards and a match are displayed. The match is laid across one of the cards. Slowly the match begins to levitate up into the air! There are no visible means of support. The magician can even take the second card and move it around above the match and even slide it underneath the match to prove there is nothing above or below. This is truly an outstanding magic trick and unlike the Indian version of the effect that many magic shops sell for a lesser price, our version of the effect is made right. You will be pleased. 052FOLMW-0007 or 521RUMTHEFLOATINGMATCH

The magician shows a silk hank. He tucks it into his front jacket pocket. Suddenly it pops back up and about half-way out of his jacket pocket! The magician tucks the hank back into his pocket and once again the hank jumps half-way out! The magician tucks the hank into his pocket a third time. This time the hank flies out of his pocket, through the air, and into the stage wings! Take the haunted hank trick to the next level! This motorized reel will do it all.

A yellow with black spots tube is shown empty. The magician then drops a ping-pong ball into the tube but it doesn't fall out. The magician explains that this is due to "heavy air." At his command however, the ball falls out the bottom of the tube. Rope, a magic wand, or other small object can be dropped into the tube with the same result!

World's strongest invisible thread! Created for magicians by magicians. One single strand can hold more weight than any other brand, PERIOD! Perfect for levitations, both closeup and on stage Stealth Thread is truly invisible and impossibly strong. Over 100 strands of 25' threads (7.62 meters). Includes 12 FREE levitation tricks. 045NUFap00180

Make everyday objects levitate, spin, and dance! This amazing kit it contains invisible thread, magician's wax, and instructional DVD. Perform the incredible effects such as:

Rising Card - Magically cause a spectator's card to rise right out of the deck.

Floating Bill - Cause any dollar bill from a spectator to levitate moving your hands around it.

Spinning Card - Spectator's will be shocked when you make a card spin through your hands and around your body.

Corked - Effortlessly levitate a cork from the top of a bottle to the palm of your hand.

Rising Pen - Control a pen from any container to your hand without even touching it.

Crazy Ring - Make a ring rise, float, and spin in mid air.

Invisible Bridge - Cause objects to float above what seems to be an invisible bridge above a single card.

Flying Bottle Cap - Amaze everyone when you make a bottle cap spin like a flying saucer.

The Haunted Deck - Without even touching the deck, mysteriously cut a pack of cards in half, and watch as only one card swings out. 006MM6659M
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