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This unique clip is designed to hold a Multiplying Billiard Ball safely under one's sport jacket or suit coat. Simply turn the side of ones body away from the audience (upstage), drop one's hand down to the edge of the coat, and secretly retrieve the ball. 001NUFud01050 or 051RUMMRBALLHOL_MET

This is one of the best ungimmicked buckets that has ever been made for performing the Miser's Dream effect (producing coins from the fingertips). When the coins hit the bottom of the bucket, a clear and loud clang is produced that can be heard even in a large auditorium. The bucket is light-weight stainless steel construction that resists rust and corrosion, and most importantly has the all-important rolled lip around the top edge that makes it easy to hold. Instructions are not included since explanations for doing Miser's Dream routines can be found in many magic books. You can also use this bucket in conjunction with the Ultimate Coin Catcher and/or the Keller Coin Catcher listed below.

The magician reaches up onto the air and produces a cigar at his fingertips! He reaches over with the other hand to take the cigar away, and the cigar multiplies into two! One of the cigars is put away, the hand reaches over to take the remaining cigar and it once again multiplies into two! This comical multiplication can be done over and over again. We supply the wooden cigars but using our simple instructions, the trick can be done with cigarettes, golf pencils, small candy canes, crayons, or any short slender object.

The magician reaches up and plucks a cigarette out of thin air! He drops the cigarette into a bowl, hat, pail, or other recepticle. He reaches up again and plucks yet another cigarette from nothingness! He can continue this magical production endlessly, reaching behind his leg to produce a cigarette, under his elbow, from behind a spectator's ear, and so forth! In the end, the magician can turn the repecticle upside down and the cigarettes have vanished! Instead of a cigarette, the magician can produce candy canes, crayolas, or other short cylindrical object. 002RUMUDCIGARETTE

This specially designed gimmick is designed to hold about a dozen coins securely, and yet enables the magician to retrieve them at will. This holder is designed to deliver a stack of coins to the magician's waiting hands allowing him to produce a shower of coins or even loading coins in his hand for dropping in a coin bucket as per traditional Miser's Dream routines. Fabricated from heavy metal sheet and rod, this device will hold US half dollars or similar sized coins. 003nufud01360

If you do card manipulation, fanning powder is a must. This dry white powder provides the lubrication necessary to make cards glide apart for card fans and other card manipulation flourishes. One container will do a number of decks. 571nuffi00180

The Keller Coin Catcher is an excellent way to produce half dollars (or half dollar size coins) at your finger tips. The gimmick makes performing the miser's dream effect a breeze. Spring loaded and flesh colored, this is the fine product made by Morissey Products and will hold a stack of half dollar coins. This one will still be working long after the inexpensive "india" verson of the gimmick craters!

These beautiful manipulation and fanning cards are made by Vernet in Argentina. They allow the magician to perform beautiful card fanning and productions. The backs of the cards have brilliant colors so that fantastic combinations can be shown when fanning. Also the cards have indexes in all four corners and are also extra thin, which makes back palming them a cinch. 075nufve00110

These cards have an original design from Vernet. Each card is flesh colored on the back with no white border to flash. The cards have indexes in all four corners and are extra thin. You can almost back palm the entire deck! Remember, these cards are extra thin, four cornered indexed, and have the all-important flesh colored back. 003nufve00050

This is an excellent set of multiplying golf balls. The balls are a high glow yellow color like you might find at the miniature golf course. The balls are made of a sponge rubber material and therefore there is a great cling feature of the ball and shell. Recommended. 005FOLLF-0303
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