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The magician displays a sheet of newspaper and proceeds to fold it into quarters. He then takes a glass full of water and pours it into the folds of the newspaper. Of course the audience expects that the water will soak through the paper. Instead however, the paper is turned end over end and the water has apparently vanished! The magician even unfolds the paper, shows it on both sides, and the paper is as completely dry as it was in the beginning. The paper is refolded into quarters, and the liquid is now poured back out of the newspaper and into the glass. Not only has the liquid reappeared however, now the liquid has changed to the color red! This is a simple and easy-to-do effect that is entirely self-contained. It comes complete with a specially prepared newspaper and instructions.

The magician picks-up a bottle of liquid. He starts pouring the contents of the bottle into the glass. Suddenly he lets go of the glass and it is suspended in mid-air, the liquid contents of the bottle still flowing into the glass! The rigging of this Airborne Glass is the best that has ever been created. Glass included. Note that this is not an "up close" effect and is best presented at least ten to fifteen feet from the audience. It is ideal for the platform and stage worker.

This is an incredible trick that is often overlooked. The magician displays an ordinary soda pop bottle. The bottle is either filled with water or is already full of water. Or the magician can open an ordinary bottle of soda. The magician puts his hand over the opening of the bottle and turns it upside down. He removes his hand and the water remains suspended in the bottle! Is there some type of "invisible" covering or stopper over the mouth of the bottle? To prove that there isn't, the magician sticks wooden matches and toothpicks into the mouth opening of the upside down bottle! The audience clearly sees the match and toothpick float upward inside the bottle! The bottle is again covered with the hand, turned right side up, and the liquid is then poured out of the bottle. The bottle, matches, and toothpicks can be thoroughly examined. 051nufro00020

Here is an excellent apparatus to change liquid into a solid object. The performer shows a metal vase. This is shown to be empty. A glass of water/any liquid is poured in the vase. This is now covered with an empty cylinder which the audience clearly has seen right through. Next, making magical passes the performer lifts away the cylinder and then makes a throwing motion with the vase, and out scatters colored confetti, the water has vanished! With some thought you should be able to use the apparatus to change liquid into toffee, garlands etc. and thus making it useful for varied routines. 0051rumudaquavase

The magician displays two glasses. One of the glasses is empty and the other is full of milk. The magician covers the empty glass with a paper tube. Next he places a small square piece of solid plastic over the top of the glass. Lastly, he stacks the glass of milk on top of the plastic square. Visibly, the audience begins to see the milk in the upper exposed glass gradually empty itself until only a small amount of liquid remains in the glass. The upper emptied glass is removed, the plastic sheet is picked up and shown again to be solid, the paper tube is removed from the lower glass, and the missing milk is now in this lower glass! A surprising visual magic trick by Arthur Hambling that is rarely seen!

The magician covers a water-filled champagne glass with a handkerchief and when he removes the hank, the water has transformed into red wine. He covers the glass a second time and when he removes it, it has changed to what appears to be amber-colored whiskey. He covers the glass a third time and the liquid turns to green. Finally he covers the glass one last time, and the liquid turns back to clear water! This great trick is self-contained and mechanical. There are no chemicals or food coloring involved. It is a stunning trick that will delight audiences everywhere. The glass is about 8-1/2" tall. Hank not included.

An tube is shown to be completely empty. To futher demonstrate it's emptiness, a glass is dropped through the tube. Water or other liquid can then be poured into the tube but the liquid does not pour out! A magic wand can be passed through the tube and the wand can even be used to push a silk hank through the tube. The liquid has apparently vanished. The glass is then pushed back up through the tube and when it exits the top, the glass is completely full of the missing liquid! This outfit is beautifully made. Comes with tube, glass, gimmick, and complete instructions. Wand and handkerchief not included.

On display is a bucket sitting on a small square pedestal. The magician pours a large amount of water into a bucket. He picks up the bucket and tosses the contents toward the audience! The spectator's on the front row instinctively flinch away of course, but instead of the water, a shower of confetti pours forth! This is a great trick for use with a Lota Bowl where the pail is the receptacle for the liquid for the Lota liquid. 42nufip00230

The magician forms a cone out of a sheet of newspaper. He displays a plastic glass tumbler and shows that it can easily fit in the cone. He removes the glass from the newspaper and then proceeds to pour liquid into the newspaper. He picks up the empty glass tumbler, inserts it into the newspaper, and removes the glass now full of liquid! If you know how the old Liquid Appear trick works, then you get the jest of this effect. Everything is nicely made out of transparent heavy gauge plastic to reduce breakage; it works perfectly, and is visible on the largest stage.

Long off the market, we are proud to introduce this unique magical prop. The magician seeming pours milk into a volunteer's ear using his trusty Magic Milk Pitcher, Milk Vanishing Glass, or Foo Can. Next he picks up what appears to be an ordinary ice pick and "punches" a hole in the elbow of the spectator's arm! Next he places his Comedy Magic Funnel under the volunteer's elbow and while moving the volunteer's arm up and down in a pumping fashion, the apparent vanished milk squirts from the arm! This tricky ice pick does it all. Ice pick only. Other liquid tricks sold separately. 578LOFsb-0017
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