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These are quality non-gimmicked handcuffs at an economical price. While you may not want to use these for true police situations, they look great to magic audiences! Chrome look with keys.

A canvas mail bag is inspected by volunteers from the audience. Additionally two padlocks and a steel bar are examined. The performer enters inside the bag and the steel bar is threaded through the eyelets in the top of the bag and each end of the steel bar is padlocked shut. A cloth covering is raised and the performer escapes! 0003nufud01240

This version of handcuffs allows the magician to slip in and out of them in a moment's breeze! The bar is chrome plated, with wrist chains and padlocks. Great handcuffs for use with the Substitution Trunk (Sub Trunk) illusion. 0621FOLMW0028

A cloth bag is presented to the audience. The sides and bottom of the back are show to be sewn completely (they really are). The magician or assistant climbs into the bag and the mouth of the bag is then tied shut with a rope or cord. A covering such as a curtain or sheet is raised up in front of the performer for only a moment and the person quickly makes their escape from the bag. The tied top of the bag is undisturbed! Sound impossible? No Velcro is used. No extra rope is pulled down inside the bag, and no stitching is removed. This is an excellent bag for those who need a bag for the Metamorphosis Substitution Trunk (Sub Trunk) illusion.

The performer is shackled with a chain and padlock. It seems virtually impossible for him to escape. Placing his shackled hands under the cover of a handkerchief or towel, he makes his escape in about three seconds! This escape is easy to perform and comes with ungimmicked chain, lock, and complete instructions. 053nufro00120

This a well made canvas straitjacket with all the regular buckles and belts that make it impossible to escape. This jacket is tan in color and is tricked to give you ample ability to escape. Comes packaged and with complete instructions. 0069MM6540

This is Harry Houdini's famous escape illusion effect. The magician is handcuffed, placed into a canvas sack and the sack is tied shut. The performer is then placed into a trunk, the trunk is closed, padlocked, tied shut with a rope or chain and so forth. The magician's assistant stands on top of the trunk, momentarily raises a cover, and the two performers instantaneously change places! The magician is now free and the assistant is found inside the trunk, inside the tied sack, and handcuffed! We build some of the finest sub trunks ever made. We supply the trunk. You can purchase handcuffs elsewhere on our website and we recommend the Sack-X Escape listed above for the bag. This trunk comes apart and packs flat for transport. Made by Chadwick Illusion Fabrications. Go to to download a PDF flyer regarding this great prop. Please note that this effect like all of our other illusions do not qualify for free shipping. However it can be shipped via UPS at cost.

The magician has a spectator examine a pair of ungimmicked double-locked thumb cuffs. The spectator is then locked into the thumb cuffs and is unable to escape. The magician shows that only 2 keys can open the cuffs and free the spectator. The magician gives both keys to another spectator to hold. The magician's thumb cuffs are locked on by a volunteer. The spectator covers the magician's hand with a cloth (not included). Instantly the magician has escaped! Wait...he's in, he's out! Finally, when the cloth is whisked away, the cuffs have completely vanished! Comes with real thumb cuffs, and 2 keys. Also great for use in performing another version of the Thumb Tie listed on this webpage. 578NUFlo00190

Volunteers securely tie the magician's thumbs together with pipe cleaners. Still the performer can catch rings tossed to him and they penetrate onto the magician's arm! The magician can move his tied hands through a microphone stand or even through one of the volunteer's arms! Pipe cleaners and instructions are supplied.
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