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A spectator holds one sponge cube in his closed hand, the magician touches his hand with a coin and the coin multiplies to two. The spectator then holds the two, and another touch of the coin causes them to multiply to three. Finally the three cubes are plainly placed in the hand, "Would you believe there are four now?" asks the magician. He touches the hand with the coin and when he spectator opens his hand, he only has one but a larger one cut into the shape of a figure four. This is a simple, clean sponge routine that produces a great effect without any complicated moves or slights. 003nufgo00550

A puzzler that will keep people guessing. The magician shows a small metal lock. He hands the lock to a spectator and asks them to open it. They are unable to do so. Then without touching the lock, the magician tells the spectator to now hold the lock behind their back (it is a bashful lock). The lock opens! Simple and easy to do. No skill required. Complete with detailed instructions. 02nufro00050

Remember the television program I Dream of Genii? A small red plastic bottle is displayed to the audience. Sticking out of the vase is a small rope. A spectator is asked to remove and then re-insert the rope into the bottle to show how easy the rope comes in and out of the bottle. The magician takes the bottle and turns it upside down but the rope doesn't fall out. But that's not all, the magician grabs the rope and is able to swing the vase back in forth on the rope. Have the rope and bottle somehow become attached? Not so commands the magician. He has the spectator simply grab the rope and it easily comes right out of the bottle! The rope and bottle can then be examined by the volunteer! 002nufro00130

The magician displays two beautifully machined brass checkers. One checker is white and the other is black. He places one checker in each hand and closes his fists. When he opens his hands, the checkers have changed places! Again the magician closes his fists, and when they are reopened, the checkers have changed places yet again. Of course the audience suspects that the checkers are black on one side and white on the other. Indeed the magician then confesses and shows that indeed each checker is white on one side and black on the other. The magician then proceeds to "explain" how to handle the trick. Only this time when the checkers are displayed, the two checkers have changed colors! One checker is blue on one side and red on the other, while the other check is yellow on one side and green on the other! The checkers then can be thoroughly examined! There is nothing to palm away and the trick is quite baffling. Beautifully made, this is fine magic at its best. 0001NUFFI00140

The magician displays a pocket knife. He shows it on both sides but when the pocket knife is given a quick flick, the knife changes color on both sides! Or the knife can be pushed through the fist and it changes color. A duplicate knife is included in case you want to hand the knife out for examination or do the routine where the knives apparently keep changing places with each other. A great pocket trick. 006FOLIF-0286 or 057NUFlo00170

Pocket knives are interesting personal objects. Commonly carried as they were in Walter Jeans day, the Color-Changing Knives effect remains one of the most popular and intriguing effects in magic. On this incredible DVD, you will find great routines, moves, techniques, and ideas from some of the great contemporary close-up magicians to put together your own amazing routine.

Walk Around Knives - Bill Malone
Color Changing Knife - Johnny Thompson
My Penknives - René Lavand
Color Changing Knives - Steve Draun
Daryl's Color Changing Knives - Daryl

Running Time Approximately 37min 0021RUMDVDWGCCKNIVES

A small plastic folder is displayed. On the inside there are two colored dots, one on each face, one blue and one black. The magician closes the folder and reopens it. The spots have changed to red and yellow! The folder is closed once again and the spots have now changed to blue and yellow! Everything can be handed-out for complete examination! 051nuffm00080

With two rubber bands and two hands, the magician can create a moment of astonishment! The magician's fingers are "locked" together with two ordinary rubber bands. Then as if clipped from a movie, the bands magically melt apart. The illusion is so perfect it looks like trick photography! Clear illustrated instructions explain every detail of the trick. All necessary props and some bonus material are included. 052nuffi01260

This great feat looks impossible, defying the laws of physics! The tubular "peg" (also sometimes called a Devil's Hook) will allow you to place a leather belt (as in the belt your wear around your waist to hold your tousers up) through the slit. The hook will then balance on the tip of the finger apparently defying gravity! Very simple to perform. Anyone can do it! A great trick for kids and a neat item to carry in your pocket.

Three cups are displayed. Three small fuzzy balls vanish, appear, and penetrate the cups. A complete routine is included with these economy plastic cups. Easy to do and a great trick for the beginner! For more professional types of cups, check the Ball Effects section of our website. We also carry an array of books and instructional DVD's as well. 571nuffi02550
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