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The magician displays a small cabinet. He opens the two front and two top doors of the cabinet to reveal two compartments. One compartment has a die filling it. The magician takes out the die and places it into his hat. He closes the doors of the box, says the magic words, and declares that the die is now back in the box. He doesn't prove his claim however by opening the box and showing that the die has traveled to the box. Before anyone can say anything, the magician commands the die to go back into the hat. He opens to box to show that it is (still) empty and picks the die up out of the hat. The audience, especially the kids, are not impressed.

Next the magician places the die back into the box, closes the doors, says the magic words and declares that the die has now traveled magically into the hat. To prove the die's disappearance from the box, the magician opens one top and corresponding front door. This would great if it weren't for the fact that the magician has opened the wrong set of doors! The kids shout that the die is in the other side. The magician closes the doors and the opens the other set of doors, only in the process he tips the box and a loud clunk is heard. The kids are certain that the magician is trying to put one over on them and they are hot on the magician's trail. After some additional byplay of the magician trying to elude his suspicious audience, finally he does open all the doors of the box and sure enough, the die has disappeared! The missing die is then reproduced from the hat!

This model of the classic Die Box effect features black lacquer finish with ornate designs, black die, double door principle and a "clunk" noisemaker that is clear and loud. The pattern and design of this box was made famous by the late Homer Hudson. A very nice die box for the price. 0281FOLre-0012

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