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A volunteer from the audience assists the magician. The magician breaks open an egg and apparently dumps it into a small can. The magician then takes a rectangular piece of cardboard, covers the mouth of the can, and turns the can and cardboard upside down, placing all on top of the volunteer's head. With the volunteer holding the cardboard and can in place, the magician starts searching for his misplaced sheet of instructions. Suddenly he realizes that the cardboard is the instruction sheet and so he whips it out from between the egg can and the volunteer's head! The card appropriately states, "Do Not Remove!" The precarious situation is resolved however when the magician raises the can to reveal not the egg mess, but a glass full of candy that he gives to the volunteer for his assistance! A great trick invented by the late Don Alan. Our version is a couple of dollars more expensive than our competitors, but our version includes a laminated "instruction card" to make the effect last indefinitely.

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