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This is one of the most incredible versions of the traditional Egg Bag effect that has ever been released to the magic fraternity. Because of the direct and simple effect of an egg appearing and disappearing in the bag, the Egg Bag is considered to be a classic magic effect. It is not surprising therefore that many professional magicians feature the Egg Bag in their act at some point in their career.

The Bighorse Egg Bag brings a new dimension to this wonderful effect. With this incredible prop, the magician can simply drop an egg into the bag, immediately turn the bag inside out, and show the egg has vanished. There is no fumbling or hesitation to make the egg disappear. Simply drop the egg into the bag, turn the bag inside out, and the egg is gone! Or in reverse, turn the bag inside out to show it empty. Reach into the bag and produce the egg.

Also the traditional "sucker" routine of the magician pretending to sneak the egg out of the bag, hide it under his arm and so forth, is easy to do with this bag. For the climax, the magician reaches into the bag and produces a rubber fried egg! The yolk's on you!

We won't "egg you on," but this egg-straordinary effect features egg-ceptional fun and applause! This beautifully made cloth bag is expertly tailored and hand-made by Cindy Bighorse. The outfit comes complete with bag, fake egg, climax fried rubber egg, and complete instructions.

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