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This professional backdrop support system was designed with versatility and ease for the modern magician. The patented crossbar connection allows for effortless setup and disassembling, so it can easily be used in virtually any performing environment. It also prevents sagging in the middle of the bar, ensuring the bar's firm, straight hold. Each stand comes with a convenient carrying bag, for further transport ease. The maximum width is 12-1/2 feet and the minimum width is 6.3 feet. The frame will extend up to 10'-6" tall and weighs a mere 18 pounds. The frame will hold a gross load of 55 pounds and therefore can be used with any drape fabric, six foot square Rice silk, or other printed backdrop or curtain fabric. Backdrop Support Frame only, no curtain or cloth included. Highly recommended. And remember, we pay the shipping for orders over $100!

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