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This deluxe Chair Suspension features reinforced steel chairs and gimmick. No assistant is required and any average sized audience member can usually be used. This illusion can be performed completely surrounded and clear of backdrops and drapes.

The magician displays two chairs and a long wooden board with a cloth covering. He positions the chairs back-to-back and then lays the wooden board across the backs of the chairs. A person then lays on the board and the magician momentarily covers the volunteer with the cloth. He then removes the chair supporting the volunteer's feet and the volunteer is floating in the air, apparently balancing on the one chair near her neck!

But that's not all. Suddenly the magician removes the board and now there is apparently nothing holding the volunteer in the air except the chair under her neck! The magician may walk away while the person is suspended. Reverse the procedure and the magician and assistant receive their just applause.

The illusion does not require assistants and the chairs can be folded for easy transport as per regular folding chairs. The board measures about 45 inches long and 13 wide. It is a lightweight mystery that packs flat and can be shipped or transported anywhere in the world. NOTE: Please don't get this product mixed-up with the less expensive (and not-so-well-made) Chair Suspension. This product is the deluxe version (reinforced steel) and the only version we believe to be a safe product.

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